The benefits of cloud-based accounting for start-ups

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When you’re starting a new business, you can always do with a bit of help. Cloud-based accounting could provide you with that vital support your business needs to succeed.

Through saving time and keeping your business records in order, cloud-based accounting is a valuable business asset.

Xero is a leading provider of cloud-based accountancy programmes. Their advanced software has been designed to help start-ups stay on top of their finances and continue to make beneficial decisions that can help their business grow.

These are just some of the beneficial features of cloud-based accounting for start-ups:

Cash flow tracking

Storing your business’s financial data in the cloud enables you to view a real-time overview of your business cash flow. This lets you see how much money is in the bank, and what payments are scheduled to be deposited or dispatched in future.

Cloud-based accounting automated processes

Invoices, payment reminders and ‘thank you’ notes can all be set to be sent out automatically. The software also works out your Self-Assessment liability as you log transactions, enabling you to submit your tax return with minimum effort.

Branded materials

All of the communications sent using the accountancy software can be branded with your logo and company information. Choose from a preset template, or design your own using the built-in CSS.

Client management

Advanced accountancy software is scalable to your business needs — it will adapt as you take on new clients. Scheduling features also help you keep on top of payment deadlines and manage client information.

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